Customized APP - CT FIT

Daily monitorABC

All-Day Activity

View Progress towards your daily goals for steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and see your trends over time.

Heart Rate

Record your heart rate, then use the heart rate tools in the app to set a min or max heart rate reminders, and review your heart rate trends over time.

Sleep Track

Record your time and quality of sleeping and maintain a good sleeping method for you.


Can be set with personal information and customized the tracker functions according to your prefer, for example the Heart Rate switch, notification types, etc.

Sport monitor

Multiple sport mode

Record walk, run, cycling, football, climbing, basketball, badminton etc., You can check your sport data in display directly.

MobileTrack (A-GPS)

If you want to track your activity but don’t have a tracker, you can use this App to record basic stats like distance and highest speed and average speed, route, etc.

Heart rate,pace,height, pressure monitoring data

Sport pace data